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Tennessee Sling Center is your one-stop source for replacement hoist parts. We maintain over $1.5M in replacement parts for Harrington, CM, Budgit, Shaw-box, and Yale brands of hoists. We also stock other brands and have quick access to those we don’t stock. We also feature Coffing, Wright, Ace World Industries, Shepard-Niles, Detroit, David Round and R&M hoist parts...just to name a few.

We also have access to numerous aftermarket manufacturers of wire rope, bearings, seals, motors, and brakes.  This access, along with over 150 years of combined parts sales experience allows us to meet your delivery requirements.  Most items ship within 24 hours and in most cases we can determine something that will meet your requirements for those parts we cannot ship in 24 hours.

We also carry one of the largest stocks of new hoists in the industry and can offer quick delivers on new units when repairing your hoist is not feasible due to either cost or lead time.

We have our own machine shop and can make custom hoist parts for those times when you cannot wait for the replacement hoist part you need to get back and running:

  • Hook Blocks
  • Sheaves
  • Wheels
  • Gears

These can be made to your specifications or we can engineer the specifications with our in house engineers.

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